Quoth the Raven……

Well heck…..a guy can’t even bugger off for a nice relaxing day slogging it out at work without all hell breaking lose in this little corner of the interwebby!

When last I left this little blog this morning, I had traded barbs with one Ravenpaine. It would seem the Raven took exceptional exception to my writings when it considers one Linda Tirado and her now somewhat infamous Gofundme haul.

You know, after reading some of the things that people are saying about her on the wired community, well I think that I was downright generous and neighborly with my assessment.

I was going to direct the raven to http://www.annrbrocklehurst.com/2013/11/linda-tirados-poverty-porn.html#comment-61414

Ann Brocklehurst has done a better job than anyone at flushing out the truth. I can’t even begin to get into it…better to read by yourself.

But…the Raven had already found Ann, and between sparring with Darling ( of http://thesirletters.wordpress.com/ ) and fighting with EVERYONE at Anns blog, well I think the Raven has had a very busy day.

A very outmatched day…taking on an investigative reporter? WOW!!! But losing horribly…. 😦


Well I am washing my hands of the whole Linda Tirado thing and moving on to better things. maybe a nice gripe about how much I HATE winter I it is SO here!), or I can describe what it is that truly makes me an asshole.

But raven….one last thing.

That was SO not cool the way you tried to pick on Darling when she defended me. BAD RAVEN! BAD!

Let me hear you say it…..



Be good to yourselves…and let those you love know you feel that way!!!raven



7 thoughts on “Quoth the Raven……

  1. Laughs! You are a hoot.

    Raven didn’t bother me so much except the mindset that everyone is wrong in their opinions except him/her. That had me shaking my head in disbelief.

    Love the Poe reference. A favorite Poe quote of mine is: I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.

    • Oops. I didn’t sign above. Wouldn’t want to get mixed up with my dear Sir.

      ~ Darling

    • I do believe that the raven is self destructing. I feel bad for him/her…in reference to not having a good day, “My days so seldom are even on the sad side of nominal.” I just want to give a hug….
      Sir is one VERY lucky Sir to have a Darling who can quote the Poe!

      “We loved with a love that was more than love.”

      That is the sir letters….

  2. Ravenpaine says:

    One last hurrah.
    My intentions today were to understand why some people, and you can include yourself in this first version of ‘some people’ found it so necessary to call out Linda Tirado as a scammer because of… something. Many point to her continued statements as betraying her early statements. And being so adamant in their own conclusions as to brook no discourse to the contrary. But the problem seems to be much more about a set of expectations and preconceived notions.
    And then I was attacked for trying to defend the person that everyone else was attacking.
    I’m sorry if I go defensive when the ratio of people against me is larger than that of those with me.
    I was attempting to have a discussion with a classroom full of people that say nuh-huh as if it were a sound rationale for disproving a point. I have been in many many arguments in my life and I have seen an enormous number of them degrade to such an extent.
    But, like the poor, my option is to either give up or keep fighting and I do the keep fighting thing. Which turns out to sadden me from the emotional effort and exhaustion while the other side goes about their days like nothing happened.
    I prefer to be all in on any discussion, to have a stake in the matter, to not simply discuss a topic from the outside.
    And I hate holidays. So that always puts me in a mood.

  3. Good grief Raven, seriously!?

    It’s more than obvious that you love to fight. You love to argue for argument’s sake alone. You are the type who would insist that you know more about my time of the month than I do.

    A little bit of advice – it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

    ~ Darling

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