Just goofing around……


I just can not say how impressed I am by some of the blogs that I have had the pleasure to trip over while I continue this journey!

Many of them I have come across because the authors have visited my site. I think it is just neighborly to head on over to their sites to see what they are contributing to the white noise of the interwebby.

You can see them, over on the left under “Blogs I Follow”…

They are all unique, and all represent real people from all over the world. Isn’t that the most amazing thing about this world in which we live? Heck, when I was a kid, I remember long distance phone calls still being a BIG deal! Now I can read blogs from Russia, Africa, Australia, all over Canada and the U.S. Experiences all their own, and yet tales that hit close to home as well. People who are trying to stay in a budget, amateur photographers from everywhere, people who are giving back to their community, tales of love even through continents of separation….these blogs have it all!

Writing a blog was on my bucket list. Getting followers for it was a close second. I don’t care how many people read what I write, as long as SOMEONE does….

For me, writing here has been very therapeutic. I have shared heartbreak, break ups, bittersweet stories and hopefully some dreams. Life is….well it’s just awesome! I feel that even on my worst day. I’ve been through a lot of change in the last 4 years, and I know that is part of life. But life is to be lived! I have traveled a bit, I will travel more as my circumstances improve. But travel aside, there is beauty all around us….from the sunrises and sunsets to feel of leaves crunching underneath in the autumn.

I do hope to figure the mechanics of this bloggy thing out, and make it a little more presentable.

Oh…and if you’re reading this…I LOVE comments! Good, bad or just meh….I want to hear from you! I promise not to bite…..




3 thoughts on “Just goofing around……

  1. Hey There

    For some reason (the guess is my technological shortcomings) I posted here earlier and it is not in evidence. Oh well here I go again.

    Thanks for the listing in your “Blogs I Follow” section. It’s nice to have an admirer or two and especially one who speaks of us so warmly. I will check out some more on that list myself. Also it great to see you paying it forward. The WordPress community is relatively new to me but I must say I absolutely love it here.


  2. Hello Sir!,

    You are most welcome for the listing. Were it up to me, I would be shouting from the roof tops for people to read your blog! Your letter exchanges with Darling are the stuff that Hollywood dreams of…two soul mates reaching out across the miles and the years.
    Your blog, will at some point, go quite viral. It has to. When it does, I will smile for you both….your letters to each other are one example of what gives me hope for the human race.

  3. Your enthusiasm and attitude are infectious. You make me smile.

    My best

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