Hold, please?

Life can be oh so very interesting sometimes. Now and zen something happens to illustrate just that! I will explain….

Shortly before Christmas, while at work one morning, I had to make a phone call to a courier company. I was, of course, immediately placed on hold “due to the high volume of calls”.  The music being played while on hold was a piano piece, and while I certainly did not recognize it, it spoke to me without hesitation! All too soon I was off hold and placing my order with the Customer Service Rep. At the end of our dealing, I asked her to please put me back on hold.

She did so, and I was once again listening to this absolutely beautiful piece of contemporary piano music. But then, less than 30 seconds later, the CSR was back on the line.

“Are you finished sir?” she asked.

“No! Please just put me back on hold!” I snapped.

“But sir, you are tieing up my line.” She did not sound pleased.

“I realize that”, I told her, “But I need to finish listening to the piece of music that is playing!!!”

She put me back on hold. By this time I had attracted the attention of my co-worker in the next cubicle.

“Seriously?” I heard him say.

“YES!” I hit the hands free button so that everyone in the office could hear the soft sounds of one of the most beautiful piano pieces I had heard. Strangely enough, no one else seemed to share my enthusiasm for this music. I felt a bit dejected as I hung up the line, The music was gone, and I knew that I would never hear it again. It was a fleeting moment in time….and now it was over.

I tried to remember the tune, but within an hour it was gone from my head. Too late, I was kicking my butt for not having recorded some of the music on my smart phone. That afternoon I downloaded the “app” Shazam. This app is supposed to take a few seconds of a song or music and idnetify it for you. I knew that I had lost out on this piece of music, but I was determined to be ready for the next piece that caught my interest.

Fast forward if you will….a couple of days later. It is morning, the Saturday before Christmas. I am trying to locate a 15 gallon aquarium that I wish to give to someone special as a Christmas gift. I had tried getting one at Petsmart, but they had none in stock when I visited their local store. By chance, I ended up on their website and they showed one in stock, which I promptly ordered. But, not wanting to drive into town for nothing, I decided to call the local store to confirm the availability.

I dialed the number and as soon as it was answered I was put on hold.

You guessed it.

The mystery piano piece was playing!!!

All too soon I was taken off hold by a young sounding man. I quickly asked him to put me back on hold.

“Really?” he asked. Apparently this just isn’t a common request!

I assured him I was serious and he put me back on hold.

I put the house phone on ‘speaker’ and got my smart phone out and opened up Shazam.

I’ll be damned.

In less than five second it had identified the music. I was still skeptical, and loaded up Youtube to try it out.

Shazam had nailed it!!!

The music in question:

Lavender Skies, by Gary Lamb.


Life is good. Life is an awesome journey…..

Cheers everyone!!!


2 thoughts on “Hold, please?

  1. Dave Bakke says:

    This post is funny… I did the exact same thing with this same song. I just bought it on iTunes. I was on hold with the Sportsman’s Warehouse in Helena, MT when I heard this song. I was going to try and figure it out several years ago when I again heard it on hold, so I asked the clerk to put me on hold too and used Shazam to ID the song, “Lavender Skies” by Gary Lamb… small world. 😉 Great taste in music too. 😉

    • Hi Dave!
      Thanks so much for your comment! It certainly is a small world. I’m amazed at how similar our experiences were! It really is a piece that has a simplistic beauty that just speaks to your soul, or so I find. It rather reminds me of Frank Mills, but seemingly more refined.

      Thanks for the read and wherever your journey takes you, in the end may it be where you needed…..



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