On being poor…

I was reading Huffington Post at 3am this morning (up sick with the flu).

I tripped over this article:


The woman who wrote this article, Linda Tirado, is in the process of raising money on Gofundme in order to write a book of her experiences. My $10 won’t go far, but I will at least be a part, however small, of what she is doing. She also has a blog you should check out….


VERY inspirational!


2 thoughts on “On being poor…

  1. Vera Stone says:

    Many professional politicians claim a start in poverty. Linda Tirado is well-connected, main contact for College Democrats at Southern Utah University http://www.suu.edu/leavittcenter/resources.html On current LinkedIn profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/lindatirado and previous Blog http://scoldedbyparrots.wordpress.com// she wrote of professional political work (10 years) and stated: “I retired when I had a baby.” On her Twitter account then @tirado_linda was “Currently working on a book about small races and grassroots politics” (2011),

  2. […] Vera Stone says: November 24, 2013 at 4:17 pm  […]

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